gate latches

Gate latches are the most important part of any gate. They vary a great deal depending on the type of fence and gate being used.

For pool gates, the latch is required to be a minimum of 1500mm from the ground. This rule generally applies to our Tubeline or Fineline designs so a child cannot reach the latch. On glass fences the latch generally sits lower on the inside of the gate, making reaching the latch a movement of over and down the other side. This is almost impossible for a child to open. All pool gates must close from a resting position.

For all other pedestrian gates there are many degrees of security locking options. Starting from a simple d/latch to which a pad lock can be used to a deadlock for high security. Our pedestrian gate locks can even be used in conjunction with an intercom system with an electric release opening mechanism that can be operated from inside a house.

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